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Try a club or high-end party first

If you’re going to meet another couple for some maybe-possibly-we’re-not-really-sure-yet group sex, do you think it’s wiser to meet them in a large social setting complete with paid security, other people, and plenty of condoms? Or via an Internet chat room? If you’ve been in a relationship so long you forgot, the answer is never […]

Common Reasons People Become Swingers

Most children don’t dream of growing up, meeting their soul mate, marrying their soul mate, and then having sex with other people/letting their spouse have sex with other people. In other words, most of us aren’t naturally predisposed to swinging. Some argue that humans are predisposed to be promiscuous, and sleep with plenty of people. […]

What Is Swinging?

What Is Swinging? Just as Geter explained above, swinging is a form of polyamory where your sexual inhibitions extend way past the bedroom and from your committed partner and include bouts of sexual play with other willing partners. Sex expert, psychologist and author, Dr. Jess O’Reily is the host of PlayboyTV’s show, Swing where each episode follows […]

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