When it's so good that you're shaking

These are a weeklong yachting trips, where desires to relax and travel are combined with lifestyle experience and absolute nudity freedom. If you are bored of lazy and non-productive spending time at the swimming pool edge in an all-inclusive hotel, our yachting trip is a perfect alternative for your holiday.

Our yachts – mainly catamarans – can accommodate either 4 or 6 couples in comfortable, fully equipped cabins with separate bathrooms and air conditioning. Each of our Guests, for a week on board, becomes a member of the yacht crew, in an experience of liberal coexistence. No matter which part of the world we decide to sail around, every day we visit a new palace, new island, or a new port. Our routes are resigned to have no more than 6 hours of sailing every day, so there plenty of time to rest, swim in crystal clear waters, do sightseeing or simply relax on board, sipping cold champagne and taking a sun bath, nude of course. The yacht gives us absolute privacy; hence sex and all naughty activities are possible whenever we feel to have fun!


It does matter, if you have not been sailing before, or if you are an experienced sailor, to join our yachting trips. Our experienced skipper is there with us all the time, doing all the navigation, duties and sailing procedures for you.

Having organized over 20 successful lifestyle yachting trips, we have visited destinations spread all around the world. Most common were Greece, Italy, and Croatia but we have also sailed around Canary Islands, The Baleares (with an intense 2 days party stepover in Ibiza), Cabo Verde, Côte d’Azur (naturally with Cap d’Agde stepover) and Turkey. If you wish to sail on more exotic seas, not a problem at all – We are often visiting Caribbean Islands, The Seychelles, Thailand, Zanzibar, even Australia! We offer unique moments and memories. And the memories and connections you create will be evoked long after your vacation will finish.


In order to participate in our events and yatch trips, you need to become a selected member of our group. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you soon. Secret Desires Project will never charge any fee for memberships.

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