In addition to the obvious fun of being able to sleep with more than one person at a time and have it be an approved practice with the person you love, there are other big benefits of having a swinging lifestyle. As the experts note, adventuring into an unknown practice might awaken your fantasies and improve your sex life, but before you get started, make sure everyone is ready to take on the challenge of something new. Here are some important, sexy benefits:

Improved Communication

To be able to express your desire to try swinging, you’re already inviting a new healthy dialogue into your relationship. While it might be a tough thing to say at the beginning, over time, and as you invest more in the swinging community, you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively and candidly.

“Any form of ethical non monogamy needs healthy and strong communication to ensure that each partner and the relationship stays healthy. Partners become comfortable stating his/her needs and hearing the needs of others. Keeping in mind that swingers have rules for the relationship or self. Not all couples or individuals have the same rules,” Geter explains.

“Therefore, before sexual play occurs, conversation begins about these rules and working out what works best for that particular swap. This skill can also transfer into other relationships including friendships or work relationships.

It Improves Respect

Typically during a swinging agreement, it is two couples agreeing to swap partners. But the person you go home with? Your girlfriend or wife. So above everything else that happens — your sexual performance or pleasure or your new partner’s — you have your main squeeze at the top of the priority list. You both want to ensure the other feel safe and is enjoying themselves.

“The culture of swinging also creates and enforces respect and boundaries, which connects back to communication. For instance, if one partner or participant reports a hard limit, or an activity off-limits, then other partners will not engage in that activity. If an activity is reported as a soft limit or an activity where consent is provided though with restrictions, then communication occurs to understand the boundaries during play,” Geter says.

“Also, it can happen where sexual play begins and one partner becomes uncomfortable. When this is communicated to others involved, everyone respects that person’s wishes to cease play with no shame or guilt. Instead, conversation may occur to understand what that person needs to feel comfortable and self-care.”

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